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Military-Brats Registry Finds 50,000th Missing Brat

Redlands, California January 4, 2001

James Semmens grew up in the US Navy. He, like millions of other current and former dependents of the military moved frequently, leaving friends behind and losing contact with them. On Thursday, January 4, 2001 James did a search on for Military Brats and found the Military-Brats Registry ( He became the 50,000th member and immediately began searching for and finding people he may have known nearly 40 years ago.

Marc Curtis, webmaster of the Military-Brats Registry created the website in April of 1997 out of his own desire to find his friends from 4th grade in 1960-61 at Fort Bliss, Texas. Since then he has located 12 of his 30 classmates. "The real joy is seeing thousands of other Military Brats with a similar need get reconnected with their childhood friends," said Curtis. "Keeping the resource free has been of utmost importance, and has made it possible for people with a 'missing childhood' to easily contact those who were left behind."

Glenn Greenwood, Communications Director for the American Overseas Schools Historical Society and Archives ( congratulated Curtis on his accomplishment with the following statement:

"Within the expanded community of military and overseas brats of this country; there is no higher calling then that of bringing people who have been separated from one another, back together again. Over the past four years, you have helped fill the empty spaces created by absent friends in many, many hearts and put smiles on many, many faces."

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