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In Memory of Kenneth Michael Howell

Kenneth Michael Howell, Capt, USAF Reserve
June 10, 1961 ~ August 7, 2002
Survived by
Wife Deborah Ann Coronado
Sons Alexander David Howelland Brian Jonathan Howell
Parents William C and Mary Ann Howell
Brothers Richard and Paul

Born in Bloomsburg Penn, he travelled with his parents who were stationed at many places over his fathers career. His earliest childhood memories began in Louisville when his father was stationed in Thailand. From there he went to SilverBay/BeaverBay Minn. Then it was back to the family home in Louisville, Ky while dad was in Shimya Alaska. When Ken was in the 2nd grade he moved to Tampa where his father was stationed at McDill AFB. In 1971 he was on the road to Aviano AB Italy, a fond place of memories and great friends. Ken was exploring the world and learning about other cultures which would eventually inspire his future.

In 1975 he was of to Finley AFB, N.D. for the next year and a half. From there he was on to Duluth AB, MN. This is where he would make the decisions to form the rest of his life. He was very active in his school at Central High, and then on to the Univ of Duluth, Minn (UMD). Ken met Deborah while living in Capehart housing as a dependant, and in 1981 they were married. They attended the university there together while Ken was in the ROTC. Upon Graduation Ken entered the US Air Force and began his illustrious career. Ken was stationed at Sheppard for the first year then it was on to Cailfornia, then to Rhein Mein AB Germany. Ken was the pride of the Air Force, serving his country and providing for those under his command. Ken volunteered for every event that needed his support. He eventually PCS'd to Aviano where he dreamed of returning to since his childhood. He seperated from the service in 1992.

Ken started as a navigator on the RF-4 then went on to become the best services officer in the military. He went on to work for Dell computer in Austin Tx for the next ten years where he was employed until he passed away. Ken died of Pancreatic cancer and fought a hard battle for three long years. He was a dedicated husband, fathere, son, and brother, never forgetting those he cared for or for those who needed his help. He was loved by all and will be missed.



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