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School: AFCENT (AFNORTH) International High School, Brunssum The Netherlands
Event: AFCENT All-Alumni Las Vegas Reunion 2005
Class(s) of: ALL Years
Contact: Chris Morales

School: AFCENT/AFNORTH International School
Event: D.C. Jubilee
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Julie Wickham Degitz

School: Air Academy High School
Event: AAHS '69 Forty Year Reunion
Class(s) of: 1969
Contact: Patti Adler Chamberlin

School: Alconbury High School (RAF Alconbury)
Event: Alconbury HS Las Vegas Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Susan Sprinkle

School: Alexander M Patch American High School
Event: Class of 1987 Patch Hich reunion
Class(s) of: All
Contact: Natasha Pejakovich

School: All DoDDS; All DoDEA
Event: Brats All Area Reunion Charlotte NC
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Cory Jenkins

School: American Overseas School of Rome
Event: Roma 2007 - 60th Anniversary Celebration
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Geoff Miller

School: Ankara High School (George C. Marshall)
Event: Ankara Reunion: Las Vegas 2005
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Donna, Lance, Pam, Joel, Wray

School: Ansbach American High School
Event: Ansbach Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Kisti (Cadwell) Felps

School: Ansbach American High School
Event: Ansbach High School Class Reunion
Class(s) of: 1983-1993
Contact: Caprecia Miller

School: Arroyo High School
Event: Arroyo High School San Lorenzo, CA
Class(s) of: 1961
Contact: Sally Flynn

School: Arundel High School,
Event: Arundel HS Class of 61, Ft. Meade, Md
Class(s) of: 1961
Contact: Marcia Amodei Richard

School: Augsburg American High Augsburg American High School
Event: AAHS Reunion in Germany
Class(s) of: 1957-1964
Contact: Marilyn Brown Kirby

School: Augsburg American High School
Event: Twelfth Reunion of the Council of Tribal Elders
Class(s) of: 1956-1966
Contact: Max & Helen Montoya

School: Ayer High School
Event: 35th Reunion!
Class(s) of: 1971
Contact: Stephanie Barrows

School: Bahrain School
Event: 2006 Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Margie Roulston '77

School: Baumholder American High School
Event: Baumholder American High School 2006 Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Marie Bonaccorse

School: Bellevue Senior High School
Event: Offutt AFB, Bellevue, NE
Class(s) of: 1965
Contact: Donna Slanker Walsh

School: Berlin American High School
Event: Berlin American High School Reunion - in Berlin
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Lisa Fuse (Tarr)

School: Berlin American High School
Event: "out west" Reunion July 2009
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Jeri Polansky Glass

School: Bitburg American High School
Event: Gettysburg Gathering
Class(s) of: early -1970
Contact: gail gunther concannon

School: Bremerhaven HIgh School
Event: BHS Washington DC Reunion
Class(s) of: 1946-1953
Contact: Charlie Larsen

School: Buena and Tombstone High Schools, Sierra Vista, AZ
Event: 2010 Grand Reunion of Buena and Tombstone High
Class(s) of: 1940s - 1960s
Contact: Garland C. 'Gary' Black, III (62B)

School: Burns Flat High School Burns Flat-Dill City High SChool
Event: Burns Flat Alumni Association Biannual Meeting
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Jim Vanderford

School: Cabrillo High School
Event: CHS'80 Thirty Year Reunion
Class(s) of: 1980
Contact: Janis Bowers

School: Camp Lejeune High School
Event: Lejeune All Class Reunion
Class(s) of: ALL
Contact: Anita Lancaster

School: Camp Lejeune high School
Event: CLHS 50th
Class(s) of: 1960-1968
Contact: Sandra Potter

School: Camp Lejeune High School, Camp Lejeune NC
Event: Class of 67, 40 years of celebrating!
Class(s) of: 1965-67
Contact: Karen Crompton Stanson

School: Canadian Military Brat Reunion Association
Event: All Overseas Canadian Military Brat Reunion Assoc
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Colleen Devlin

School: Carlisle High School
Event: Carlisle High 50th Reunion
Class(s) of: 1957
Contact: J. R. Hribal

School: Carroll High School Ozark AL
Event: 50 yr. 2010 Brats that attended '56-'60
Class(s) of: 1960
Contact: Bobbi "Hancock" Eason

School: Carroll High School Ozark Al
Event: CHS Callaway Gardens
Class(s) of: 1960
Contact: Carolyn Smith McComb

School: Carroll High School, Ozark, AL
Event: Carroll High School Class of '64 Reunion
Class(s) of: 1964
Contact: Susan Shaw Estes

School: Chateauroux American High School, Chateauroux, France
Event: CHAS 2007 Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years & G.I.'s
Contact: Jenelle Peterson

School: Cristobal High School
Event: CHS 1977 30th Reunion
Class(s) of: 1977
Contact: Eddie Overstreet

School: Cristobal Jr & Sr High School
Event: Cristobal High School, CZ
Class(s) of: 1971
Contact: Jane Martin

School: David Glasgow Farragut, Rota, Spain
Event: DGF Alumni Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Michelle Lyttle Hauser

School: Del Valle High School
Event: Del Valle High School Reunion
Class(s) of: 1960 - 1966
Contact: Jackie Ellis Stewart

School: DGF Rota Spain
Event: DGF Rota Spain San Diego, CA
Class(s) of: 60's & 70'
Contact: Debbie Costello Stevenson

School: Dreux American High School
Event: Dreux AHS Las Vegas Reunion
Class(s) of: All years
Contact: Vicki Key

School: Edzell, Scotland
Event: Edzell Brats
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Paula Alexander

School: Erlangen Military Brats
Event: Erlangen Military Brats Reunion
Class(s) of: 1979 - 1987
Contact: Admin

School: Fairborn High School Fairborn Ohio
Event: FHS 40th Reunion
Class(s) of: 1968
Contact: Scott Cox

School: Fayetteville Senior High School
Event: 50 Year High School Reunion
Class(s) of: 1962
Contact: Charles Biggs

School: Forrest Sherman High School Naples, Italy
Event: Napoli Reunion 2006 Cruise
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Patty Phelps Loeser

School: fort campbell high school
Event: fort campbell class of 77 thirty year reunion
Class(s) of: all years
Contact: cheryl brainerd

School: Fort Hood Texas area
Event: Army Brats Reunion
Class(s) of: all
Contact: Willy Boroski

School: fort knox high school
Event: fort knox high school
Class(s) of: 1975-1979
Contact: doug simmons

School: Fort Knox High School
Event: Ft Knox HS ALL Years Reunion Dallas
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Betty Morrison

School: Fort Knox High School FKHS
Event: FKHS Reunion A Blast from the Past
Class(s) of: 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976
Contact: Carol Baker Dawson

School: Frankfurt Amer High School
Event: it's in Baltimore in July, 2006
Class(s) of: 67-71
Contact: Rick & Colleen Bullen i

School: Frankfurt American High School
Event: 12th Annual Lake Hartwell Gathering
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Dennis Berwyn

School: Frankfurt American High School
Event: San Antonio Reunion
Class(s) of: 63-66
Contact: Leanne Corbin

School: Frankfurt American High School
Event: FAHS 63-66 2009 Reunion Savannah
Class(s) of: 1963-1966
Contact: Leanne Corbin

School: Frankfurt American High School
Event: Nashville Blast
Class(s) of: 67-71
Contact: Steve Dean

School: Frankfurt American High School
Event: Annual reunion.8/11/17
Class(s) of: 67-73
Contact: Steve Dean

School: Frankfurt American High School
Event: FAHS 1982 25th High School Reunion - Boulder CO
Class(s) of: 1982
Contact: Linda Lackey

School: Fulda American High School
Event: Fulda American High School Get together
Class(s) of: All
Contact: Renee Hagins

School: General Navereau
Event: General Navereau 2006 - Vancouver
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Ron Bauman

School: George Cannon School - Midway Island
Event: All Hands Midway Island Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Mike Wilson

School: George Dewey High School
Event: 25th Reunion Caribbean Cruise
Class(s) of: 1982 and ALL
Contact: Hubert Pancho

School: George Dewey High School
Event: GDHS Hawaii Reunion June 2008
Class(s) of: All
Contact: Susan Gage

School: Goose Bay High
Event: Goose High Las Vegas Reunion
Class(s) of: 1970's
Contact: Dave

School: Goose Bay High School
Event: Goose Bay Brats Las Vegas Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Gail

School: Goose Bay High School
Event: 50th Year -- site to be determi
Class(s) of: 1963
Contact: Bill Taylor, Jim Boersema, John Pil

School: Goose Bay Labrador Dependents School
Event: Goose Bay High Las Vegas Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Jerry Carroll

School: Governors Island Coast Guard Brats
Event: 2006 reunion in NYC
Class(s) of: 
Contact: Dawn (Fenner) Dreizler

School: Grand Forks AFB
Event: GFAFB Brats of the 60s reunion
Class(s) of: 60s
Contact: Paul Forcey

School: Greenham Common High School
Event: Greenham Common High School Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Christopher Mabie

School: Greenham Common High School
Event: GCHS 25th Anniversary Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Christopher Mabie

School: Hahn American High School
Event: Hahn Alumni Weekend, New Orleans, LA
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Anne Helman-Lala

School: Hanau High School
Event: Hanau High Reunion 2014 San Antonio
Class(s) of: All
Contact: Katie Alexander

School: Havelock High
Event: A Gathering - Reno Nevada
Class(s) of: 50's 60's
Contact: Brenda Starr

School: Hayfield Secondary School (Hayfield High School)
Event: Hayfield Class of 1977 Reunion Celebration
Class(s) of: 1977 and All
Contact: Karen (O'Meara) Byers

School: Heidelberg American High School
Event: 1970's Decade HHS Reunion
Class(s) of: 70-79
Contact: Michael Haschker

School: Highland HS
Event: HHS 40th
Class(s) of: 1971
Contact: Cindy McBride

School: International School Bangkok
Event: ISB Biennial Reunion, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Maureen Lockhart Salahshoor 75

School: International School of Bangkok (ISB)
Event: July 26-30, 2006 reunon
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Maile McCoskrie Lindley

School: International School of Bangkok, Thailand
Event: ISB Highschool San Diego, California
Class(s) of: All years
Contact: Judi Molthen Nelson

School: Itazuke
Event: Itazuke Las Vegas Reunion
Class(s) of: All
Contact: John O'Brien

School: Izmir American Dependents' High School
Event: Izmir High School Reunion, Indianapolis, IN
Class(s) of: 1955-1965
Contact: Becky Thacker

School: Izmir American High School
Event: 2010 Izmir Sultan Las Vegas Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Fred Hardin

School: Izmir High School, Izmir, Turkey
Event: Izmir HS Takes On Vegas
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Aya Newton-Turner or Fred Hardin

School: Johnson High School, Tokyo, Japan
Event: Awesome Blossom JHS Reunion, Washington, D.C.
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Stan Pawlowski, JHS-64

School: Junction City Kansas High School
Event: Class Reunion
Class(s) of: 1969
Contact: Posey Smith

School: Junction City Senior High School; Ft. Riley, KS
Event: JCHS Class of 1965 50th Reunion
Class(s) of: 1965
Contact: Nancy Pendarvis Zara

School: Kadena High School
Event: Kadena HS 94-95 Vegas get-together
Class(s) of: 94-95
Contact: Patti Powell

School: Kaiserslautern American High School
Event: Dallas Reunion August '07
Class(s) of: 69/70/71
Contact: Prater Gray

School: Kaiserslautern American High School
Event: Red Raider Reunion on the River
Class(s) of: 1987
Contact: Lisa De La Garza

School: Kaiserslautern American High School
Event: Early Raiders gather in Salt Lake
Class(s) of: 1953-64
Contact: Kent Price

School: Karlsruhe American High School
Event: 2007 Karlsruhe HOT-LANTA KNIGHTS
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Tony Whalen

School: Kassel Elementary
Event: Kassel Elementary Brat Kids (68-75)
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Patricia Gilbert Doty

School: Kecoughtan High School
Event: All Decade of the '70's Reunion
Class(s) of: 1970 thru 1980
Contact: Deb Quesnel Pearson

School: Kecoughtan High School
Event: Kecoughtan High School C/O 1996 10 year Reunion
Class(s) of: 1996
Contact: Kathlene Babalola

School: Kenitra American High School
Event: KAHS Sarasota Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Frank Keen

School: Kindley High School Bermuda
Event: Kindley HS Reunion Nashville, TN
Class(s) of: 61 - 72?
Contact: Wayne Garrison

School: Kindley High School/Chaffee High School
Event: Biloxi Mini-Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Dianne Icard

School: Kodiak High School
Event: Kodiak High School Reunion
Class(s) of: 62 thru 68
Contact: Cathy Vosgien Magnusen

School: Kodiak High School Kodiak, Alaska
Event: Kodiak High School Class of 64 Reunion
Class(s) of: 1964
Contact: Elana Ross White

School: Kubasaki High School
Event: Viva Las Vegas 2007 Kubasaki Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Irene Ross

School: Kubasaki High School - Okinawa
Event: Kubasaki All Class-Orlando Reunion
Class(s) of: All
Contact: Cleveland Johnson

School: Kubasaki Okinawa-Class of 61 50th
Event: Class of 61 Reunion - Reno NV
Class(s) of: 61 (60&62)
Contact: Doug Horne

School: Lakenheath American High School
Event: LHS Class of '76 Reunion, Las Vegas
Class(s) of: 1976 (all welcome)
Contact: Dan O'Reilly

School: Lakenheath American High School
Event: LHS '70s Classes Wash DC Reunion
Class(s) of: 1970-1979
Contact: Kelly Russell

School: Landstuhl Middle School Landstuhl, Germany
Event: LAMC Brats
Class(s) of: 1959-1963
Contact: Joe McIntosh

School: Mannheim American High School
Event: BISON BASH 2007
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Terri Scott

School: Mannheim American High School
Event: 50th Anniversary of Mannheim American High School
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Joe Land

School: Medical Lake High School
Class(s) of: 1964
Contact: patricia staley

School: Molesworth Jr. High School, England
Event: Molesworth Jr. High Reunion
Class(s) of: 1959-1961
Contact: Ren Alford Hinote

School: Molesworth/Lakenheath High
Event: Alconbury Reunion 2007
Class(s) of: 1969-1975
Contact: Kim Morgan

School: Munich American High School
Event: Mustang Stampede
Class(s) of: ALL years
Contact: Billy Shouse

School: Munich American High School
Event: Minneapolis MN
Class(s) of: 1961 + ???
Contact: Heidi Samulevich James

School: Munich American High School
Event: Munich American High School Reunion
Class(s) of: 50's, 60's & 70's
Contact: Leon "Squeak" Meade

School: Munich American High School
Event: MAHS Reunion Washington D.C. July 7 -9
Class(s) of: '71 - '77
Contact: Steve Green

School: Munich American High School
Event: MAHS Reunion Washington D.C.
Class(s) of: 79 - 85
Contact: Mr. Bill Chalkley

School: Nellingen Jr. HS
Event: NellingenKelleyClassmates Reunion
Class(s) of: 1960-64
Contact: Marsha Christian Crabtree '65

School: Nellingen Jr. HS / Ludwigsburg American HS
Event: Nellingen & Kelley Classmates
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Marsha Christian '65

School: Nile C. Kinnick High School (Yo-Hi)
Event: YoHi 2007 Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Claudette Andalajao

School: Oliver Hazard Perry Elementary School
Event: Perry Elementary San Miguel
Class(s) of: 1969-1973
Contact: Bruce MacCullagh

School: Oscoda Area High School
Event: 70s Class Reunion
Class(s) of: 1970-1979
Contact: Danette Mahon-Hosbach

School: Oslo American School
Event: Oslo American School 80s Reunion
Class(s) of: 1980s
Contact: Carolyn Felix Purcell

School: Overseas Teachers
Event: DoDDS/Overseas Educators Reunion XIX
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: DoDDS/Overseas Educators Reunion

School: Pallotti High--Laurel, Maryland. Ft. George G Meade
Event: Pallotti High
Class(s) of: 1966 and all years
Contact: Patricia Hight

School: Pembroke High School Hampton Virginia
Event: Pembroke High School All Class Reunion 2007
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Joanne L. Bluhm

School: Quantico High School
Event: All Classes Mix in 06
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Jeannette Hall

School: Radford High School
Event: 10-Year Reunion!!!
Class(s) of: 1995
Contact: Carrie & Kate

School: Radford High School, Honolulu, HI
Event: Radford High School's 50th Anniversary
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Dennis Cullender

School: Ramey High School
Event: Ramey High School Destin FL Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Bob Woods

School: Ramey High School, Puerto Rica
Event: Reunion is May 15, 2016
Class(s) of: 1966
Contact: Barbara zangari

School: Ramstein American High School
Event: RHS High school reunion
Class(s) of: 1995
Contact: Shannon Gorman

School: Ramstein American High School
Event: Ramstein Class of 1986 Reunion
Class(s) of: 1986
Contact: Trish Chambers Bump

School: Ramstein Junior High School
Event: RJH Reunion Reno NV 2014
Class(s) of: 1963-64-65
Contact: Christy Johnson Heinrich

School: Rochefort American High School
Event: Santa Maria, California
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Clara Dostal Reynolds

School: Rochefort American High School, Rochefort, France
Event: Rochefort American High School San Antonio Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Dolores Harris Pair

School: Roseville High School, Roseville, CA
Event: 50th Class Reunion
Class(s) of: 1965
Contact: Charlene Rhodes

School: S. D. Lee High School Columbus, Mississippi
Event: 40th Class Reunion 1968 Lee High School
Class(s) of: 1968
Contact: Carol Coleman Littlejohn

School: Seoul American High School
Event: SAHS
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Keith Hodges

School: Simon A. Sanchez - Guam
Event: Class of '91 15 year reunion in Las Vegas Jul. 06
Class(s) of: Invite for all Class Years
Contact: Linda Pierson

Event: Early Years in Tucson
Class(s) of: 1954 - 1957
Contact: Robert Hines

School: Taegu Rocks Re-union
Event: Kissimmee, FL June 20-21 2009
Class(s) of: ALL YEARS
Contact: Stephen Fisher

School: Tombstone High School
Event: 2010 Grand Reunion of Buena and Tom
Class(s) of: 40s - 60s
Contact: Betty Branham Howard Tombstone '59

School: Toul Rosieres Air Base Junior High
Event: TRAB Junior High 1st Reunion Ever!!
Class(s) of: 1967-1969
Contact: Judy Chaplin

School: Upper Heyford/Croughton HS
Event: July 2006 San Antonio
Class(s) of: ALL Classes
Contact: Lyn Kulczyk Pool

Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: George H. Overman

School: Vanden High School
Event: Class of 86 & Associates (85-87)
Class(s) of: 1985-1987
Contact: Amy Harden Beatty

Class(s) of: '65-'70

School: Vicenza American High School
Event: 50 Years of Cougars
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Candace (Haught) Scott

School: Victor Valley High School - California
Event: Victor Valley High School Class of 1976 Reunion
Class(s) of: 1976
Contact: Sheree' Clark Belanger

School: Wagner High School, Clark AFB, Philippines
Event: 2007 Wagner High School Reunion Cruise
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Deborah Adams Lilly

School: Wagner HS, Clark AB PI
Event: Wagner Reunion in San Diego
Class(s) of: 1975-1980
Contact: Myrna Nickelsen

School: Washingtonville Central School
Event: 50 year reunion
Class(s) of: 60-61-62
Contact: Lynn Sweetay

School: Wheatland Union High School
Event: Wheatland Union High School 40th Reunion
Class(s) of: 1971
Contact: Deborah Wilson

School: Wheatland Union High School
Event: on-going gatherings, next "official" reunion 2009
Class(s) of: 1972
Contact: Veronica Vance (Cookie Mattos)

School: Woodbridge American JHS & HS
Event: Woodbridge American HS Las Vegas Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Gwen Brenner Waddell

School: Wurtsmith/Wagner High School
Event: Orlando Prom 2006
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Danny Theobald

School: Yokota High School
Event: 2005 Yokota High School All Year Reunion in Japan
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Serena Samsel

School: Yokota West Elementary School
Event: 60th Anniversary Celebration 1946-2006
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Cheryl Johnson

School: Zama American High School
Event: 2008 Zama HS New Orleans Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: 2008 Zama Alumni Reunion Committee

School: Zaragoza HS, Zaragoza Spain
Event: ZHS Reunion 2008
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Teresa Almond Welch

School: Zaragoza Jr/Sr HS
Event: ZHS Reunion 2006
Class(s) of: All years
Contact: Teresa (Tess) Almond

School: Zweibrucken American High School
Event: ZAHS Vegas Reunion
Class(s) of: All Years
Contact: Jacque (Stover) Patrick



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