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In Memory of Thea Maria Williams Smith

Although this is very hard for me to write because I miss my sister so much, Thea and I were only one year apart and I would like to share a little about my sister.

Thea Maria Williams (Smith) she will always be in our hearts and remembered and loved so very much. Thea was born on October 19, 1958 in Landstuhl, Germany, she passed away May 24, 2003 in San Francisco, California from complications with pneumonia.

My father George Stephen Williams (now retired) was in the Air Force, he served 26 years, yes like many Military Brat, we traveled the world. We went to several schools throughout our childhood in Germany, South Carolina, Texas, New York, Philippines and we started high school at Carl Albert High in Midwest City, Oklahoma, everyone knew the Williams sisters. Dad got orders and the family moved to Wiesbaden, Germany. After two years Thea graduated high school in Wiesbaden.

She had the greatest personality and is loved by many. She joined the Army when she was 18 years old, my mother braced herself to let one of her child do what would make her happy even if it meant Thea would be away from her side, my dad was proud to see another one of his children joining the military. My brother Michael S. Williams was in the Navy (passed away in 1994).

Thea was recognized for her many accomplishments, she was so proud of her 15 year military career. Thea was also a veteran of the Gulf War. She was a runner and received metals and trophies in High School and set records while she was in the Army. Thea's exuberant and giving personality touched the hearts of everyone she knew. She was known for her honesty and spontaneity, quick wit and her courageous personality.

Thea is survived by her Parents Joan and George Williams, sons Anthony Faulkner and Dominique Smith, sisters Jill Williams, Therese Williams, Cori Ahlvin, niece Melissa Williams, brother Daniel Williams, nephew Maxwell Williams and niece Emily Williams and her many aunts, uncles, cousins and both Grandmothers. Thea spirits is at rest with the earth and at peace with the heavens.

I love you Thea, we all love you. You will be missed so very much by all.

We read this poem, it reminds us of you.

They have taken me away from the wild
But they'll never take the wild from me
MY soul is the earth
My spirit is forever free
I run swift as the Deer
My eyes are keen as the Hawk
I am strong as the Oak
I am light and dark
I speak with my forefathers
In our native tongue
From the heavens fall the waters
Their tears for their loved ones
Visions they behold me
My escape to the worlds past
Why was I born in times like these
Where thorns block my paths
They've taken me from the wild
But they'll never take the wild from me
It's in my blood, it's in my spirit
Forever it will be
-Native American Poem-



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