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In Memory of Vivian Carol Bray Belcher

This is to let all those students of my mother know that she passed away January 4th, 2006. Mom taught every grade from kindergarten through 12th; subjects from begining reading to physics and biology.

But most of all, she taught how to learn and the joy of doing so. She only had one student who defied her on a regular basis- that was me, I refused to call her Mrs. Belcher. She was my Mom, and that's what I called her and within two weeks so did the rest of the 8th grade class and most of the freshmen. I had Mom as a teacher for reading in the 1rst grade, 8th grade science, and physics in the 9th grade. She taught at Johnson AFB, Japan; Plattsburg, NY; 1rst grade at Kadena AFB, Okinawa; Woodland Elementary at Myrtle Beach, SC; Linwood Elementary, Robins AFB, GA; Science at Karamursel High School at KCDI, Turkey and retired after 30+ years in the Maryland school system as a Teacher, Councellor, Supervisor, and Principal.

Becky Belcher Taylor



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