Saturday, December 08, 2007

Military Brat Store Christmas Coupon

Still looking for a gift for your favorite Military Brat? Visit the Brat Store and use the coupon code "DEC07" for a 5% discount on your purchase! This coupon is valid on all purchases completed by Dec 31, 2007.

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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Golden Corral® Military Appreciation Essay Contest

Persons 13 years of age and older, who have served or whose parents have served in the US Armed Forces, are invited to submit an essay conveying the pride they have in their parent's or their own Military service as well as share their educational aspirations.

Six winners will be awarded cash prizes to further their education. There are two age brackets: 1) ages 13-17 and 2) ages 18 and older. The two Grand Prize winners (one in each bracket) will receive $5,000 cash, first place winners (one in each bracket) will receive a $2,500 cash prize, and the third place winners will receive a cash prize of $1,000. Cash prizes will be awarded after January 31, 2008.

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Operaton Kid Comfort Update

Fabled Fibers: Art Quilt Enchantments, the challenge exhibit that illustrates fifty favorite children's stories, is now viewing online at Visit our exhibit schedule regularly to learn of new venues in your area.

Fabled Fibers products directly benefit Operation Kid Comfort, the Armed Services YMCA program that provides photo-transfer comfort quilts and pillows to America's littlest heroes, the children of our deployed service men and women.
Armed Services YMCA
208 Thorncliff Drive
Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone: (910) 436-0500
Fax: (910) 436-0018

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Marines Have Landed!

...or actually, evacuated. Last night my son came home along with 3 of his Marine buddies. They had to leave Camp Pendleton because of the fires, after moving all the vehicles out of harms way.

It was funny yesterday to hear some callers on talk shows ask "Where is the National Guard? Where are the Marines?" My guests chuckled and said, "It's kind of hard to fight a wall of fire with an M-16."

It's strange that some people don't understand that the firefighters are trained to fight fires...while the miitary is trained to keep us safe from our enemies. Everyone has their role!

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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Soldier in Iraq asks for support

To whom this may concern,

This is SGT Nightingale, a member of 3rd Infantry Division 1st Brigade that is currently deployed in Iraq. I'm writing you to ask for assistance in trying to find organizations that will be kind enough to donate movies, games, play station 3, Xbox 360, sporting equipment for a gym, and bath and body products for 35 females in our company. I'm trying to build a movie gallery in the Soldiers MWR area for their morale and I cant do it alone. I'm sure that there are plenty of organizations and personnel that would love to donate to the soldiers. I'm just asking for some assistance if you can really help out. Please remember we are on a 15-month tour and we have completed 8 months, so we only have 7 more months to go.

SGT Nightingale. Mychosia
F Co HQ PLT 2-7 Infantry BN
Camp Korean Village
Unit # 73431
APO AE 09371

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Every Brat Has a Story

Over the last 3 years since I began focusing the theme of the Military Brats Registry newsletter on "Every Brat Has a Story" I've received too many great stories and no room to print them. So, I'm currently adding an RSS feed for all of them. It will take some time to get them all online, but I'm working on it as fast as time allows.

You can subscribe (for free) by going to Most up-to-date web browsers such as Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, and Safari will show the feeds right in the browser. Microsoft Outlook will even download each story right to your mailbox.

So keep those stories coming in! Remember...every brat has a story...what's yours?



Monday, July 23, 2007

Military Brat from Narimasu Appears on TV

Tim Stinson, Narimasu 1960 graduate and writer of the Japan Military Brat Site, The Dragon's Roar, will be seen on a TV show several times in the coming weeks.

First, on a Biography Channel special about The Two Coreys - Corey Feldman and Corey Haim - on Wed. July 25 @ 9PM and Thurs. July 26 @ 1AM. This is an interview about these two actors who were once on the cover of every teen magazine on the planet!

He will then be acting on a series called "The Two Coreys" on the A&E Network, an unscripted improv series (it's not really a reality show, but a hybrid and really funny!) about these two actors - one who has grown up and gone on to develop a stable family environment, and the other ... well, he may never grow up. Tim is on the 6th or 7th episode, playing the band manager. The show premieres on Sunday, July 29th at 10:00pm.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Find Your Military Brat "Home" on Google Earth

I so luv this site and i especially luv the sharing of the stories. i plan to submit my story but in the mean time i thought i would share this.... is a wonderful site to look up satellite photos of former and present military bases.

I "grew up"/have my fondest memories of Erding, Germany back in the mid '60's where my dad was stationed. It is rumoured that Elvis spent the night there. That base was closed to American military in the later '60's.

Viewing the satellite photos of what was once the base--now the center for monitoring the autobahn--and the surrounding area....was so wonderful.

Thank you for reading,
Michelle Patterson

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Operaton Kid Comfort

Comfort! Create! Unite!

Operation Kid Comfort, the Armed Services YMCA program that creates photo-transfer comfort quilts and pillows to America's littlest heroes, the children of our deployed service men and women, and provides an opportunity for America to unite in support of our military.

Each Operation Kid Comfort quilt includes nine images of the deployed parent, child and family printed on fabric and is offered to children five years and younger. Operation Kid Comfort pillows are made for children six years and older, and include one large image of the deployed parent and child. We encourage families to provide images that keep special memories in tact, such as a birthday, holiday, family outing or a favorite shared activity between parent and child.

As a free program, launched on Make-A-Difference-Day, October 25, 2003, Operation Kid Comfort is proud to have served more than 2,000 children of the Fort Bragg/Pope AFB community, and more than 5,000 children of America's military nationwide and in Germany. Operation Kid Comfort has been highlighted throughout the media, including Army Times and CNN Extra Effort Series. Additionally, Operation Kid Comfort was honored to receive Raytheon's Best New Program of the Year Award at a Congressional luncheon on Capital Hill in May of 2004. To listen to an interview that relays the beginnings of Operation Kid Comfort between the program founder, Ann Flaherty, and Dick Gordon of NPR's The Story with Dick Gordon, please visit:

We rely on our many volunteers, grants and contributions to keep our program strong. With ever-increasing deployments, demand for OpKid quilts and pillows have increased dramatically. Your support of $25 will purchase the necessary materials for making one quilt, plus assist with childcare for our volunteers.

Please visit for more information about Operation Kid Comfort. If you have any questions or know a family that can utilize the services of Operation Kid Comfort, please email or call 910-436-0500. And please leave comments on the OperationKidComfort blog so the young brats know that you care!

The Armed Services YMCA of Fort Bragg/Pope AFB is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) organization. Contributions to the Armed Services YMCA are tax-deductible.

Armed Services YMCA
Physical Address: Bldg. 2-2411 Jackson Street, Fort Bragg
Mailing Address: 208 Thorncliff Drive, Fayetteville, NC 28303
Phone: (910) 436-0500
Fax: (910) 436-0018

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Military Brat Dissertation

My name is Leslie Hinkson and I am a graduate student at Princeton University. I am currently finishing my dissertation which looks at students who attend DoD schools and asks the questions -
1) Why do they do so well on standardized tests compared to their public school counterparts in the States; and
2) Why are racial gaps in test score performance smaller (particularly in the schools overseas).

At the end of July I will be leaving Princeton for the U. of Michigan where I will be working to finish this project and hopefully turn it into a book. I have conducted interviews (but through a snowball sample that primarily includes my family, some of their friends, and students here at Princeton) and would like to conduct more interviews, this time with people who aren't so closely connected to me (which should increase the number of diverse experiences and voices). I am looking for individuals who have attended domestic and/or DoD schools, parents of these individuals, and teachers from the DoDEA system to develop a better understanding of how military culture and structure affects families and schools in ways that seem to produce extraordinary results in the students that go through the DoDEA system.

If you are interested in taking part in an interview, either over the telephone, via e-mail, or face-to-face, please contact me at I believe this project has the potential to help inform educators on how to reduce racial gaps in academic performance and would help bring to light the extreme importance of maintaining and expanding access to base schools for the countless dependents Stateside who deserve this service.

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VFW Memorial Wall

In honor of Memorial Day, VFW is launching The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall Campaign.

As a tribute to all of the proud men and women who have served our country and live on in our memories, we are building a virtual memorial on our website- The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall.

The goal of the campaign is to collect the names of 10,000 veterans - spanning every generation - and memorialize them in the inaugural launch.
The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall will be viewed by the thousands of people who visit our site each year and serve as a reminder of the courage and sacrifice of those who fought for our freedom.

We want to ensure that not one single veteran is ever forgotten.
They helped make this the greatest country in the world. And we have a duty to make sure that their dedication to this country is remembered long after they are gone.

Add your loved one’s name to The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall today.

But hurry! You must send your submission by Memorial Day May 30th in order for your loved one to be a part of the inaugural launch of The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall.

Once The VFW Veterans Memorial Wall is launched, we will email you the link so that you can view your loved one’s name and share it with others.
Thank you for remembering our veterans!

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Military Brats Create "Soldiers Are" Video

Hello Mr. Curtis, I, too, am a military brat. But I am able to keep in contact with the brat life by teaching on a military base: Ft. Benning, Georgia. A group of our children (grades 2-5) created a tribute to their fathers and all Soldiers. If you are interested, you can find the project here: "Soldiers Are" Movie

Thanks, Mary Barnette

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Military Brats Store Affiliate Program

Do you have a Military Brat related website or alumni organization and want to earn commissions for sales in the Brat Store? Well, the Military Brats Registry Brat Store now has an affiliate program to help you earn money for sales in the Store (!

You can choose to promote one particular product such as the "Proud to be a Military Brat" Lapel Pin or Bumper Stickers, or you can earn a commission on all items in the store.

We will provide you with a link and banner to add to your site and send you a check (or you can use paypal for faster payments) each month. There is no minimum sales amount to begin earning commissions. We want to help your site stay online in return for helping the Military Brats Registry!

If you're interested in participating, please contact us and we'll let you know what to do to get started.

Thanks for your support!

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

"Once a Brat, Always a Brat" by Marilyn Morris

Please enjoy the following interview with Brat author Marilyn Morris about her book "Once a Brat, Always a Brat"

Q: Why the title, "Once a Brat, Always a Brat?"
A: When I was in Linz, Austria, from 1948-1952 as a middle-schooler, we were told over and over "never cross the Danube River" which lay right outside our back yard. The Russian Zone of Occupation was across the bridge. This admonition was ingrained in my memory banks. In 1995, when my daughter and I took a trip to Europe and most importantly, to Linz, we ended up taking a wrong turn and much to my horror, we were on the bridge, crossing the Danube River.
"Stop," I yelled in knee-jerk reaction. "We can't cross the river! It's the Russian Zone."
My companions looked at me like I was crazy.
I managed to mumble something like, "Well, sorry. When we lived here, we were never supposed to cross the Danube. It was the Russian Zone, then."
We proceeded into the Forbidden Zone (in my mind) until we found a spot to turn around, much to my relief.
"So, Mom, do you feel better now?" my daughter teased.
"Sorry I scared you," I apologized. "But Once a Brat, Always a Brat…."

Q: What is your favorite memory of growing up military?
A: My parents told me at an early age that I was very fortunate to travel all over the world. Some kids never had the opportunity, as I discovered when I was in the 5th grade in Junction City, KS (Ft. Riley). I had been to the Far East and some kids hadn't been out of the county.

Q. How did growing up military affect your life long-term?
A. I found after two failed marriages that I was unable to sustain a long-term relationship. The constant meeting and leaving friends left me with a feeling of "This, too, will end, so don't get too close to anybody." It was easier to keep relationships on a superficial level.

Q: Would you want to change anything about your childhood – such as having one place to call home?
A: I was very fortunate in that I was able to spend all three high school years in one place, Lawton OK, a place that I still call "home." I was accepted by the civilian kids as well as those from nearby Fort Sill OK. I will always be very grateful to my parents for buying the house we were renting when my Dad was ordered back to Korea so we would be assured of staying in one place while I was in high school.

Q: Have you returned to places you lived around the world? Did they feel the same?
A: I went to Germany, Austria and France while my dad was stationed in Europe, and when my daughter and I went overseas, I returned to those places. At the first house we occupied, #10 Donatusgasse, everything looked as I remembered; other housing areas had long been torn down in a modernization of the city; a trip up to Eagle's Nest, or Hitler's Tea House, was a jolt, in that it is now called Kehlstein Haus and all references to Adolph Hitler have been erased.
The most surprising thing I noticed, though, was when we boarded a train for Paris and a German woman seated in our compartment struck up a conversation with us. In German. And amazingly, I understood her questions and I believe she understood my answers in my middle school, long-unused German.

Q. Is there another book to follow?
A. I've been thinking of a follow-up book to Once a Brat, titled Always a Brat, which focuses more in depth on how my military upbringing has affected my adult life, and have been making notes to follow up at some later time. Right now, I'm following up on several novels in various stages of progress.
My next book, loosely based on my mother's experiences as a young army wife in the military compound of Camp Sobingo, Seoul Korea, is due out soon as an ebook at Mardi Gras Publications.

Thanks, Marc for this opportunity to share my experiences here on your blog. Military Brats share such a unique heritage; it's fun to compare notes with a fellow Brat!


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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Never Give Up!

Never give up looking for your long lost friends on the Military Brats Registry! Today, another of my 30 classmates from Bliss Elementary School at Ft Bliss, Texas in 1960-61 found the Military Brats Registry. That makes a total of 17 found. It has taken 10 years since the Registry began, and sometimes I think my friends will never show up. Then, all of a sudden one of them happens to search for Military Brats and ends up at the!

Keep checking...your friends will probably show up too!


Thursday, February 08, 2007

Military Brats Invited to Send Videos

The Military Channel is seeking personal videos from members of the U.S. Military to let soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines tell their story directly to viewers.
Real-life moments captured on film by service members will be broadcast on the Military Channel as part of a new on-air programming initiative. Servicemen and women anywhere in the world who brought a camcorder with them on a recent deployment, or those who currently have a camera with them on the frontlines, can submit their videos directly to the Military Channel.

Additional information is available from a recent DOD release:

As well as a recent piece that aired on the Pentagon Channel:

Personal videos can be submitted online at, or mailed to the address below. Or email for more information.
Mailing Address
Discovery Productions
8045 Kennett Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910

The Military Channel is owned and operated by Discovery Communications, Inc. More information about Discovery and its businesses can be found at

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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

U.S. Coast Guard Online History Roster

The U.S. Coast Guard Aviation Association is trying to gather information about former and current Coast Guard Aviators to create an on-line history repository. What is needed is some basic information and then some special information about awards that aviators received.

Aviator information can be added on-line or can be submitted using the form that can be printed from that page.

The History website also features a "Roll of Valor" where each aviator who has received a medal for valor has his citation available for viewing and printing. Unfortunately, a copy of the citations for all the medals that were awarded have not been located or sent in to the website. We ask that if your parent received a medal ranking from the Coast Guard Silver Life Saving Medal and higher, please have them send a copy of the citation to us or do it for them. A xerox copy of the write up is all that is needed; as we do the rest. Please send the citation to:

Captain Charles Hahn
616 Sea Castle Ct.
Wilmington, NC 28412

Any contributions of a historical interest can be sent to us to place in the repository. If you make a copy that is fine or if you want the original back, we will care for it and return it. In the event that the original is not wanted back, then it will be copied into the digital repository and then the fabric (paper, document, publication, photo, etc.) will be saved for inclusion in the Coast Guard Historical Archives in Washington DC.

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Friday, October 27, 2006

The Dandelion

Have you read about the "Official Military Brat Flower"? Go to any page of the Military Brats Registry and click the menu item on the right of the page.

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