January 4th, 2001

Marc Curtis
Military Brats Registry

Dear Marc:

Congratulations on passing the milestone of your 50,000th registrant on the Military Brats Registry website.

Your dedication in providing this free service to the military brat community of this country has been exemplary.

Within the expanded community of military and overseas brats of this country; there is no higher calling then that of bringing people who have been separated from one another, back together again. Over the past four years, you have helped fill the empty spaces created by absent friends in many, many hearts and put smiles on many, many faces.

The work you have done with your website has impacted far more people than you can ever know.

I would encourage you to continue to answer your call to this avocation. I very much look forward to having the opportunity to congratulate you on your 100,000th and 500,000th registrant.


Glenn Greenwood
Communications Director
American Overseas Schools Archives Historical Park
Wichita, Kansas