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In Memory of Dudley M. Brown

We moved as a military family about every three years, and made the adjustments very well. He made friends easily and in fact, still has some that were still in contact with him. He liked people and was well received wherever he went. He went to Zweibrucken High School in Germany and wrote one of their school songs. Dudley graduated from Ft. Campbell High School, KY. He attended both Western KY University and Austin Peay University, but left to join the Air Force.

While in the Air Force, he married and had one son, Dudley M Brown III. He stayed in the service for almost eight years. All this time he was interested in music and played the guitar with various groups and combos. He worked with some local companies and did photography and videos for different other companies. All this time, he was writing music and songs.

When he was diagnosed with ALS/Lou Gehrig's disease in June 2000, he didn't write any more. Not once did he ask "why me?" or get depressed. He was one of a kind, and will be missed by many. He passed away quietly in his sleep on Thursday, May 8th, after battling this disease for 3 years. He is greatly missed by his family.



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