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In Memory of Maverick Collier

Maverick was born April 5th, 1970, in Little Rock, Arkansas. He lived in Tacoma, Washington for the last fourteen years. He suffered a massive heart attack on May 9th, 2002, and was in a coma for one week. He passed away on May 15th, 2002, in Bellevue, Washington. A plaque will be placed at Overlake Hospital and Medical Center in memory of Maverick. His organs were donated as he had wished. Three people are alive because of Maverick?s gift. They are all doing well. Maverick will be honored by Life Center Northwest, on September 21st, at a ceremony in Seattle.

Maverick attended Yokota High School from 1986-1988. Maverick loved Japan, and had wonderful memories of both the country and his high school experience. He loved all things Japanese, he especially liked to cook (and eat) authentic Japanese dishes. Bellevue Botanical Gardens has planted a tree in memory of Maverick, in the Yao Japanese Garden section. Yao is Bellevue?s sister city in Japan.

Maverick was a Public Records Analyst for the City of Bellevue. He was a proponent of the ?paperless? office, digital signatures, and e-mails as legal documents. He had just completed the preliminary work on an electronic document management system for the City Clerk?s Office. He was always an advocate for cutting edge technology. The City of Bellevue will have four teams walking in the American Heart Walk on September 14th. They will honor Maverick?s memory by wearing t-shirts with his photograph.

Maverick was a member of ARMA ? The Association of Records Management Administrators. For the Puget Sound Chapter, he served on the Board of Directors, as Editor of ?Soundings?- the Chapter newsletter, as Program Director, as Vice President, and was their first and current Webmaster. Under Maverick's leadership, "Soundings" won an award as the International Newsletter of the Year for Medium Chapters.

Maverick loved games and sports of all kinds. He loved to play on-line computer games, especially Asheron?s Call. He was an ardent fan of the Seattle Mariners. He bowled every Saturday and Sunday. He played basketball, and studied karate on his lunch breaks at work. He was a member of the Bellevue Shotokan Karate Club. The International Shotokan Karate Federation, and the Japan Karate Association, honored him posthumously, with a first-degree black belt "In Recognition of his Dedicated Efforts in the Martial Arts".

My name is Margaret, and I write this with the deepest sadness. I lived with, and loved Maverick for the last eleven years. I also write with great pride, that Maverick was the kindest, most loving person I have ever known. In all our years together, I have never heard him say an unkind word, do any unkind act, or to judge anyone. He welcomed all cultures, all races, all beliefs. Maverick was an ?All-American? in the truest, best sense of the term.

Maverick will be missed, and remembered, by all those who knew him well. He will be loved forever? by the one who knew him best.


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