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The Press Room...

The following are links to various newspaper articles printed around the world about Military Brats, The Registry, and Military Families.

How Will Santa Find Us?
Tanya Biank

Military Brats and Grandparents
Tanya Biank

Mother keeps war story to herself
The News and Observer: May 7, 2006

The Definition of Home May 5, 2006

Author Explains Culture for Fellow Military Brats
Defenselink News: April 25, 2006

'Brats' Connect
Beaumont, TX Enterprise: April 7, 2005

A Great Adventure in The Shadow of War
Newsweek - New York,NY,USA
... For a rootless army brat like me, there was often a disconnect between the adventure of discovering a new place and the terrible reality of what had happened ...

Hello, Old Love
Thanks to the Internet, finding a lost sweetheart has never been easier. But at what cost?

Sean is an army brat who grew up all over the U.S. and Germany, but now calls Colorado home. He has set foot on 37 states and hopes to hit the remaining 13 as soon as possible...

Woods to Swap Golf Spikes for Army Boots
ORLANDO, Fla. - Tiger Woods sometimes adds green to his wardrobe in April, but that usually means a jacket from Augusta National - not fatigues from Fort Bragg. The day after the Masters, the world's No. 1 golfer will swap his spikes for Army boots...

BOB Zangas improved lives and saved others in two visits to Iraq Boston Globe - Boston,MA,USA ... She told me how Bob's father and brother were also Marines, how he grew up a military brat all over the United States, and even graduated from high school in Tehran...

Half Korean, all outspoken
Nara, or Keri-Lea Graham, was born in Korea, on the U.S. Army base as a typical "army brat" of bi-racial origin. Her exotic beauty and multicultural awareness have made being bi-racial a real advantage for her television and modeling career.

Reuniting military brats
Marc Curtis' experience changing schools as part of a military family left him out of touch with childhood friends, so he started a Web site to connect other military brats..

THE Ups and Downs of Being a "Military Brat"
NewsHour Extra -- USA
... Being a military brat carries with it special burdens and challenges:
moving from place to place, rarely having time to build strong friendships and ...

Business owners feel 'accepted'
Porterville Recorder -- Porterville,CA,USA ... A self-described "military brat," Jackie Ringgold graduated from high school in Japan. "We also lived in Korea, the Philippines and all over the US, "she said. ...

Redskins Cheerleaders Visit Troops
"Growing up a military brat, I have a true appreciation for what the guys are doing. I wanted to remind them that they were not forgotten," cheerleader Shelly Finnern said. Her father is a colonel in the Air Force. Pauling's father was a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

A family reunited
Port Clinton News Herald - Port Clinton,OH,USA ... Dymond is a textbook "Army brat." By and large, he's only spent a few scattered months with his mother the past two and a half years. ...

SHANE who?
Fort Worth Star Telegram -- Fort Worth,TX,USA ... Born in South Carolina, Carruth was an Air Force brat who bounced around the country until his family settled in Richardson in 1986. ...

PROF unearths untold stories of black GIs in World War 2
The Daily Iowan...
an associate history professor and self-described "Army brat" resurrected recognition for the unrecognized black heroes of World War II during a lecture in ...

has been a Naples mainstay for four decades Naples Daily News ... William Meek took an early interest in art. Growing up as a "military brat," he moved to a new home every few years. ...

SEARS returns to her roots
Hinesville Coastal Courier
By Catherine Caruso. Justice Leah Ward Sears grew up an "Army brat," and became the youngest Supreme Court judge in the state. ...

'DA Menace' Finds TV Success in New York Up & Coming Magazine
White was originally born in San Bernardino, California to a military family. "I was an only child and a military brat," he joked. ...

COLD Mountain actor's complex facial features are an asset.
Orlando Sentinel
... One young woman does a discreet double take. The fiftysomething actor was born in Newfoundland, Canada, and, as a military brat, moved around a lot. ...

TWO generations feel pain of Separation
Terre Haute Tribune Star, IN
... the military. Erin, a "military brat," did not grow up in Parke County, but she spent summers there during college. Sharon talks ...

THE Kabul-ki Dance
Atlantic Online
... An Air Force brat whose father was a wizzo on missions over Korea and Vietnam, he has moved around so much in his life that he's not sure where he comes from. ...

TOUCH with calls, e-mail
The Union Leader (subscription), NH
... Sr., at least for a while. Kathy Stone said her husband was an Army brat, growing up all over the world. She had two brothers in ...

MILES picks up pace in Senate race
Rocky Mountain News, CO
... He grew up as an "Army brat," the son of a black American sergeant major and a Japanese mother. He spent part of his childhood at Fort Carson....

OC Guardsmen say goodbye
Oil City Derrick, PA
.... She proudly wore the dog tags that her father had made her just days before. "She always tells me, 'Mom, I'm an Army brat. I'm tough," Mary Dehner said...

DAILY Herald, Chicago, IL
And what attracted the military brat who grew up in Iran, Jordan, Spain, France and Germany to the Daily Herald? "There's a sense of family at this newspaper," Kelly said. "People come here and they stay. That's a good sign."

RECOVERING addict gets help to start over
Roanoke Times, VA
... An Army brat, his father's career took him all over the United States and overseas, and Joseph went to at least 10 different schools.

GEORGE Kenyon, NASA pioneer
San Jose Mercury News, CA
... A native of Michigan, Mr. Kenyon grew up as an ``Army brat,'' living at various US military bases where his father, Horace Kenyon Jr., was posted. ...

RECALLING a "Day of Infamy"
Hamilton Journal News, OH
... His father told him to lay down on the floor of his bedroom. "On one hand, 12 years old is young, but I was an Army brat," Forney said. ...

ARNEZ J finds lots of laughs in 'true life comedy'
The Tennessean, TN
... But I intermingle the two along with my family life.''. Growing up as an Army brat, Arnez Johnson never really envisioned a comedy career....

SEASONS greetings host has AF background United States Air Force (press release)
... Robins High School. "I thoroughly enjoy coming and talking to the kids because I am a military brat," she said.

GUIDES are a welcome addition for newcomers
Newark Star Ledger, NJ
BY DAN WEISSMAN. Growing up a "military brat" meant Diane Marinari quickly learned the ins and outs of moving into a new community. ...

'HOG Driver' hits unusual flight record
Fayetteville Online, Fayetteville NC
... Allison has the Air Force in his blood. He was born in Albany, Ga., and grew up an Air Force brat. He always wanted to be a pilot or a baseball player. ...

CRACKIN' good music
Fort Wayne Journal Gazette, IN
... Johnny Hickman. Lowery, 43, said he was a military brat growing up, and this accounts somewhat for his eclectic musical tastes.

Clarksville Leaf Chronicle, TN
... Loyd has been a teacher 27 years -- all of them with the Fort Campbell school system. A "military brat" herself, she said she can relate to her students. ...

ASU disc jockey has fans on and off the air
Casa Grande Valley Newspapers, AZ
... Jackson is a military brat. He was born in Korea and has also lived in North Carolina and Georgia. He finally ended up going to high school in Sierra Vista. ...

ROY Conrad - Raleigh News, NC ... He's nominally from Wichita, Kan. But he's another military brat who spent his childhood moving from place to place....

COOK OF THE WEEK: Bread machine helps - Mobridge Tribune, SD ... Kathy is the daughter of Bob and Shirley Baer of Mobridge and describes
herself as "an Army Air Force brat," born at Ellsworth Air Force Base in Rapid City. ...

MATCHBOX Twenty - The evolution of a radio-friendly band - ESP Magazine, NC ... It?s hard for me to feel settled. I?m the typical military brat.
I was born on a military base in Germany and I grew up in different places.?

'ARMY brats' return to Zama after 40 years - Pacific Stars and Stripes, Japan ... It taught me acceptance and toleration of diversity,? Sewell said. "Being an Army brat forces one to be flexible,? Fukushima said. ...

STUMBLE into greatness - The Scotsman, UK Seeger, ever generous, told her not to worry. Folk, then, was aligned to the counterculture, and Harris was a Southerner and an army brat. ...

FACES and Places: Carrboro police chief loves her work - Durham Herald Sun, NC ... tranquility.". Hutchison's an Army brat, born in Augsburg, Germany, where her father, an airborne infantry ranger, was stationed. ...

THE Lure of Madison - Madison Courier, IN ... As a child, she was a self-proclaimed ?Air Force brat,? living in Minnesota and then Japan and moving to the Arizona desert when her father retired.

'BE prepared' credo gains new import after 9/11 - Washington Times, DC ... As an Army brat in West Germany in 1972, her high school class was captivated for days watching televised reports of the terrorist attack during the Olympic ...

ARIZONA teachers writing a new AIMS test - KMSB, AZ ... questions. Kidd, a self-described former military brat, knows all too well how different schools have varied expectations for students. ...

PLAY about military brats debuts in Edmonton - CBC News, Canada The play is the work of Barbara North, an Edmonton writer, performer and comedian - who was herself a military brat. Called simply ...

PART two: No-mercy laws shred families - Rocky Mountain News, CO ... master sergeant. Curtessi grew up a military brat, and is the mother of two American children: Jasmine, 3, and Paolo, 5. But she's ...

ETHNIC affairs director to be advocate, organizer - Clovis News-Journal, NM ... Lowery, 31, said she grew up a ?military brat.? She has lived in Italy, England and Germany; and she?s taken Spanish classes. ...

STUDENT will study while at sea - St. Louis Dispatch, MO ... visit. Barrett, a self-described "military brat," was born at Scott Air Force Base near Belleville, and grew up in Collinsville. ...

PARENTS upset over school cuts - Monterey County Herald, CA ... said those were concerns shared by all schools in the district but that "we can't treat Marshall any differently." He added that as a former military brat who ...

SOLDIER returns, mom signs up - Modesto Bee, CA ... her son enlisted in the Army. "I grew up a military brat, but I was never in the military," she said. "You have to have respect, call ...

WILD West hotshots - San Francisco Chronicle, CA ... I was always the kid who wore two guns, the cowboy hat and the boots," said Holland, 56, a military brat who accompanied his Navy flight instructor dad all ...

MAN touts trusty way to shed lbs. - Knoxville News Sentinel, TN ... waiting for the last bell to ring, so I could bolt out of class and jump on my bicycle so I could fly home," he said of the days growing up as a military brat ...

OUTLAW is making the grade at MU - St. Louis Post Dispatch, MO ... He's always been a people person," Anita Outlaw said. "He was a military brat; we moved around a lot. But he made friends wherever we went.". ...

Paraglide Magazine; (April 24, 2003) Children talk about life, the Army

Boston University; The Student Underground: (April 1, 2003) Testimony of a Military Brat

Dallas Star-Telegram: (April 2, 2003) Military brat talks of Berlin in 1960s (Feb 27, 2003) Military Kids Allegedly Harassed at School -- by Teachers

Ft Worth Star Telegram: (Feb 25, 2003) A military brat's moving life story

Christian Science Monitor: (Feb 25, 2003) Schools on base

Skateboarding Across America 2003 - Air Force Brat is leader (Feb 5, 2003)

Redlands Daily Facts: (Jan 13, 2003) See you in the movies

Fayetteville Online: (Jan 9, 2003) Military life makes for great memories

Rocky Mountain News: (Jan 1, 2003) The future's wide open for Coffman

Knoxville News: (Dec 22, 2002) Son heard Civil War stories from father who fought in it

KBCI Idaho: (Dec 19, 2002) What Makes Sandy Zuckerman an Idaho Gem?

The Brunswick, NJ Sentinal: (Dec 12, 2002) North Bruns. graduate honored by U.S. Navy

The Oregonian: (Dec 8, 2002) Northwest kids' new motto: semper fi

HeraldNet, Everett, WA: (Nov 19, 2002) Detective uncovers musical success

Clarkesville Leaf Chronicle: (Oct 19, 2002) 'Military brats' return to share memories of Lincoln's 50 years

Rocky Mountain News: (Oct 14, 2002)Senior to toe line in 'Chorus,' Navy

Ithaca University: (Oct 10, 2002) Working for social change (Oct 8, 2002) Michael Winslow: The sounds of success

Las Vegas Mercury: (Oct 4, 2002) The Sky's No Limit

The Phoenix: (Oct 3, 2002) Kelly Willis "EASY"

Las Vegas Review Journal: (Oct 3, 2002) Beat Manifesto: Late bloomer Neal quickly climbs DJ ranks

Stars & Stripes: (Sept 30, 2002) New leader of 19th TSC in S. Korea stresses training as top priority

The Denver Post: (Sept 29, 2002) Journey of a lifetime

The Denver Post: (Sept 25, 2002) Military adds another dimension

The Republican Journal; Winterport, ME: (Sept 19, 2002)Hauger joins Journal team as sports reporter

Puget Sound Business Journal: (Sept 16, 2002)Degen showed a penchant for design early on

Stars and Stripes: (Aug 18, 2002)Airman's CD made in memory of family friend's wife

El Paso Times Online: (Aug 5, 2002) Schools strive to accommodate influx of children of military

The Miller Post: (July 31, 2002) Hanson Joins School System as Junior/Senior High Principal

The Washington Post: (July 23, 2002) At Home With the Military

The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA): (July 22, 2002) Library fan finishes own tome

Washington Post: (July 18, 2002) A Foot in Two Worlds

Jacksonville Daily Record: (July 16, 2002) Military Brat Runs for City Council

Philadelphia Business Journal: (June 24, 2002) Sheairs is flying high, thanks to FAA work

Army Brat Wins Pulitzer Prize: (Apr 9, 2002)

USA Today: (Apr 24, 2002): Look at this man's body: This is what yoga can do

Author Sarah Bird Receives Texas Institute of Letters Award: (Mar 23, 2002)

Spokesman Review: (Mar 2, 2002): Grady's early dreams, body shattered in Vietnam

Newhouse News: (Jan 2, 2002): Want those resolutions to succeed? Tame your 'inner brat'

USA Today: (Oct 9, 2001): Military kids are outscoring civilian schools

Armed Forces Press: (Aug 20, 2001): Military Brats are a Special Breed

Honolulu Star Bulletin: (July 25, 2001): Wichita goes over like a lead balloon with this brat

Airman Magazine (April 2001): The Family Business

New York Times (Aug 17, 2000): The Web Helps Military Brats Find Long Lost Friends (requires free subscription)

Florida Times-Union 02/20/00: Adult 'brats' wander

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