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Singer/Songwriter Heather Renee, Posts NEW song every week for 1 year!!!

As an independent musician based out of Washington, DC; Heather Renee believes in giving back to her fans. When she released her first CD entitled ?Pretty Prison? last year, she personally mailed hundreds of free copies to all who requested one. This year she wanted to do something even bigger. She will be posting her music, free of charge, for fans to download from her website at:

She anticipates releasing over 50 original songs by the end of 2008 for listeners around the world to enjoy and collect at no cost.

Already in her 8th week, fans can now download the latest track entitled ?PRESSURE.?

Heather Renee encourages her fans to share their personal experiences and voice their opinions about her lyrics in a weekly blog that she posts to accompany every song.

Love is her message and she uses her music to spread it to the world. It is no wonder that hundreds of fans have begun checking in every Monday to hear her latest tracks and share the love.

One fan commented:

"Mondays are my new Fridays thanks to Heather Renee. I look forward to hearing her new music as much as I do the weekend."

Visit her site today to hear her new song!!!


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